The ARL/DLF E-Science Institute

The Association of Research Libraries and the Digital Library Federation are jointly sponsoring an E-Science Institute which will begin later this year.  The program is a part of ARL’s Transforming Research Libraries initiative.  Out of this Institute, ARL and DLF hope to assist libraries in developing program plans in this area, provide professional development opportunities, and promote cooperation across libraries as they develop services for the sciences on their own campuses.  

The Institute will be designed so that sponsoring libraries will convene a small team  who will work on assignments in the second half of 2011 and then meet as part of a 2.5 day workshop towards the end of the year.  Penn State is a sponsoring institution and so we will have an opportunity to participate in the program when it starts up. 

I have agreed to be one of the faculty for the Institute and will be working intensely with the others in the next several months to design the curriculum. 

In the meantime:  HELP!  Our first planning meeting will be held in one week, and by mid-week I will prepare a 2 page outline of Penn State’s “near-term (12-18 month) E-Science strategic agenda–its  assumptions, priorities, and activities–for the perspective of your own organization and experience in this area.”  For our planning group this is a conversation starter. It’s not meant to be a true strategic plan or draw heavily from existing documents.  

But perhaps for us, this is a good opportunity to consider some issues. How might the Institute help us at Penn State?   If you were writing this, what would you highlight?  Or what questions might you pose?  What are the local factors that we need to consider going forward?   What activities do we need to plan for?  

Please post comments here, and I’ll try to incorporate your ideas to the extent that I can in a short document.  I’ll post the final version for discussion and I’ll keep everyone informed as the plans for the program develops. 

One thought on “The ARL/DLF E-Science Institute

  1. Michael J. Giarlo

    The questions I’m most interested to see answered are:

    1. What is the role of the academic library in e-science? Much of what I’ve seen written about the topic focuses on IT infrastructural challenges around high-bandwidth networking, large-scale storage, compute clustering, and so forth: challenges that don’t require an MLS to tackle.

    2. What training and professional development will be helpful to librarians looking to update their skills?

    3. Are the University Libraries, and other campus organizations such as Information Technology Services, organized optimally to address e-science and research data needs, or will re-organizations, new virtual organizations, etc. be required?

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