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Publishing and Curation Services — Naming it and Making it Work

Below is a message I sent out to the entire University Libraries today.  Among the many things we hope to accomplish with these shifts is to clearly signify to our users who can help them achieve the goals they have for disseminating their research.   And, with ScholarSphere launching, it’s really important to signify who is running point for that activity.  We still have a lot to do to build more service capacity, but this is a start. 

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Publishing and Curation Services

Today the Libraries and ITS launch ScholarSphere, a new service that will help Penn State faculty and students share their scholarly work in a consistent and durable way. Please take a look at and help get the word out.

With the launch, I wanted to let you know about some changes we are making in how we provide and promote services to our users within the area of scholarly communications. Effective immediately, Linda Friend and Patricia Hswe collaboratively lead Publishing and Curation Services (PCS). This change rebrands for our users work that Linda and Patricia have been doing but which we have referred to separately as Scholarly Communications Services and Digital Curation.

I encourage you to get in touch with Linda and Patricia about potential digital scholarship projects or requests that you may have or that your users bring to you. Publishing and Curation Services, in consultation with Library faculty, will have responsibility for leading the services, policy, and content development for ScholarSphere. PCS will support digital scholarship by offering our users a primary point of access for a variety of scholarly communications services. The department will work closely with subject specialists, both to foster strong ties with faculty and students and to serve as a resource on issues related to scholarly publishing and digital scholarship. This will provide avenues for more experimentation to inform new programs of collaborative research services to meet faculty and student needs.

We have modified Linda’s and Patricia’s titles to more readily convey to our users the nature of work and services for which they are responsible.

Linda Friend will now have the title Head, Scholarly Publishing Services and take primary responsibility for those activities. She will continue her work with faculty, students, staff, and librarians to accommodate requests for services such as collecting student research work, starting new publications, or for guidance on issues such as open access. In the coming year Linda will investigate the viability of expanding support for original publications such as journals or conference proceedings.

Patricia Hswe will now have the title Digital Content Strategist and Head, ScholarSphere User Services. She will take primary responsibility for developing new user services in support of ScholarSphere. She will continue her work on data curation services to guide and assist researchers in the lifecycle management of their data sets, advising on best practices and standards, as well as provide curatorial oversight of the University Libraries’ digitized collections for enhanced access to online archival and special collections materials.

This is one step of many the Libraries are taking to expand our support for researchers who need assistance with the creation, delivery, and preservation of materials that do not fit into the traditional scholarly communication system. In the coming months you will see much more about Publishing and Curation Services and ScholarSphere. I’m grateful to Linda and Patricia for all the work they have done to date, and will continue to do, in planning and offering support to our University community.

 Mike Furlough