Monthly Archives: January 2013

New User Profile Features in ScholarSphere

It’s January 2013. Did you know there’s a new version of ScholarSphere? Check out the footer below:


In other words, ScholarSphere development and testing continue unabated since the release of the service in September 2011. From this point on, the footer will denote which version of ScholarSphere you’re accessing. The version number will be linked to a page in the ScholarSphere site, providing a list of the features new to the service.

In developing v1.3.0, our team has focused in particular on things users can do to customize their research and social-networking presence in ScholarSphere, particularly via the user’s profile page. For example:

  • We now have a list of users who have logged into ScholarSphere, which you can access by clicking on the “View users” button on your profile page. The number on the right tells how many files the user has deposited into the service.
  • Want to keep up to date with colleagues whose works are in ScholarSphere? Just like in FB, Twitter, and G+, you can follow them. Click on a name in the user list to get to a user profile page, and in the upper right side, you’ll see a “Follow” button to click on and begin following the colleague.
  • Users can also highlight their research for their profile page. You do this via “my dashboard,” where there’s now a trophy icon for highlighting such research. The icon turns gold when clicked on for highlighting, and you can highlight up to five files:
Thumbnail image for dashboard_trophy_2.png
  • The highlighted research then gets listed on your profile page and linked to the ScholarSphere records for them:


  • Users can also provide their social networking handles, such as for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+:
Thumbnail image for social_network_1.png
These are just some of the new features that have been added to ScholarSphere since November 2011. Features to come include deposit by proxy (such as by a graduate assistant or department administrator), collection functionality, and temporary URLs for sharing private files (such as a draft of a paper) with non-PSU colleagues. 
As always, please provide feedback on our service via the Contact Form. We want to hear from you!